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My practice is limited to working with growing businesses and estate planning.

The two disciplines are not that dissimilar. I have found the consulting skills and knowledge base used in both practice areas overlaps considerably.


Business Services

My business practice is broad ranging. I essentially function as general counsel for my clients, relying on specialists I have worked with over the years should my clients need the support of experts in a particular field.

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Business Services

Estate Planning

Estate planning starts with education. I help my clients understand the law and the options they have available to plan their estates. They educate me about their family, their financial situation and their dreams. Together we can design a plan that works.

Fees for estate planning can very dramatically depending on the nature and the extent of the services provided. Simple wills can be as low as $250 for an individual or $400 for a couple. Trust based plans, given the nature and complexity of the counseling and drafting involved, can cost substantially more.

There is typically no charge for the initial client meetings. Once we have agreed upon a plan, I can quote a fee. At that time, if you choose to go forward, I ask for half of the fee in advance. The balance is due when your plan is signed.

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